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Surprise Birth

To start off with, this is a picture of a mother spotted hyena who unexpectedly gave birth at the Monarto Zoo. It was just too cute to resist putting on here! Apparently the mother had been put into a quaranteen with another male because the zoo staff had mistaken her for a male (which I've mentioned before can be rather difficult to distinguish). The two hyenas mated and now there are three more little ones out there.

Frieghtened Hyena

This is a hyena at the San Diego Zoo. Apparently he wasn't used to visitors yet and when they came close to his cage his mane would stick up making him at least one fourth bigger than normal.

Two Baby Cubs

These are two cubs who are being raised as pets. They are starting off indoors and should be tame the rest of their lives as long as they stay with the people who "adopted" them.

Typical Folklore

This is a typical image from hyena folklore. It was believed that hyenas lived in tombs and would eat the dead.

Typical Folklore

To the right there is a painting that was donated to an organization in order to raise money to help save the hyenas.

Can You Feel The Love

Below is a picture of Delia Owens (The Author from Cry of the Kalahari)with the hyena that she named Pepper.