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"Animal Fact Sheet: Striped Hyena." The Living Desert. 2004. American Association of Botanical and Arboreta. 04 May 2008 is a lot of good information on the Striped Hyena at this site, although it seems a bit brief. Pretty much basic information like what they look like and where they live.

Attenborough, David. The Life of Mammals. London: BBC Books, 2002. 142-144.-Very good information on the "communications" of the hyenas. It gives plenty of detail on their secretion, how it works, the different types and why they do it. The only thing negative about this book is I wish there were more information on the hyena besides its smells.

Gowdy, Barbara. The White Bone. New York: Picador, 2000.-A book on the Elephants in Asia and there is multiple times it mentions the hyenas being bad because they want to eat the elephants after they give birth.

Inserra, Rosa, and Powell, Susan. The Kalahari. Crystal Lake: Heinemann Library, 1997.-This book talks about the way hyenas sneak up on animals at watering holes and chases them so that it can catch the weakest one. It also talks about the animals long fur keeping it warm. Could have used some stronger information and probably shouldn't have been titles The Kalahari since it talks about animals outside of the Kalahari.

Linley, Mike. Desert Wildlife. New York: The Mallard P, 1989. 20-21.-Goes into detail about how strong the hyenas jaw is and how they digest the animals they eat. Also talks about their hunting habits rather than just talking about them as scavengers.

Barre, Michel. Animals and the Quest for Food. Milwaukee: Gareth Stevens, 1998. 30-35.-Not a very good place to look for information. The only thing I found out in this book was that Striped Hyenas do not rely on meat. They also eat fish, berries, fruits, and vegetables. Meno, Bethany. "Striped Hyena." 2008. Benedictine University. 14 May 2008. more basic information. Mentions birthing and reproduction. The only thing that bothered me about this site is the fact that she calls the striped hyena endangered when it actually isn't yet.

Owens, Mark J., and Owens, Cordelia D., The Cry of the Kalahari. Boston: Mariner Books, 1992. Smithsonian Mammal. New York: DK, 2003. 15-52.-Amazing book on the animals in the Kalahari. It is an autobiography about the two authors who go there and spend most of their times with the hyenas. It talks about how they hunt, how they mate, how they raise their young, and how they react towards humans. It also goes into detail on how it can steal a just killed animal away from a strong animal like a lion. I definently recommend this book to people who love reading about animals in the wild.